Martin's Hawaii Collection

It all started when...

We met outside of our dorm room at the hostel in Waikiki.  HEY!  You want to go check out the beach?  "si!" said Martin and from there was the beginning of our great adventure around the island of Oahu.  Happy Birthday Martin!  (I know I am late...), but I wanted to share with you the photos of us in Hawaii together.  I had a lot of fun hitch hiking with you, camping on the beaches, and checking out the surfing!  I wish you have a great and happy year ahead of you while you continue to explore this world.  If you are ever in Canada of course we can do a camping road trip and I will give you a call once I make it to South America.

My trip since you left has been crazy!  I managed to visit all four of the main islands in Hawaii...every island is completely different!  I would recommend Kauai because it has the most natural beauty and easiest camping.  Check out this page here for my top photographs from Hawaii.  In the email I send you I will include a link to all of my photos from Oahu so that you can download and share the photos with your friends and family.  It has been hard to find a reliable internet connection to upload these photographs so almost nine months later I hope you enjoy!

I am currently living on the sailboat KARAKA ( as crew.  After Hawaii I flew to the Marshall Islands to join the boat and spent a few months sailing around the Marshalls.  I visited Bikini Atoll where the USA did the nuclear testing.  Now I am on the island of Pohnpei, Micronesia waiting for more crew to arrive before we sail to Paupa New Guinea.  Slowly I will begin to share some of the many stories I have through this website over the next few months.

Hope your journey is treating you well!  Sincerely,