The Rolex  Scholarship Application


Michael Chahley is an applicant for the 2017 North American Rolex Scholarship offered by the Our World Underwater Scholarship Society (OWUSS). The Society is a global organization who yearly promotes young underwater ambassadors that are considering a career in an underwater-related discipline by providing these experience-based scholarships. They are seen within the global underwater community as individuals with the potential to make significant contributions to the aquatic world.

I am applying for the 2017 North American Rolex Scholarship to continue my education as a diver and to raise awareness of Our Water World using articles published by Nothing Unknown.  The purpose of this page is to summarize my goals and contributions to the underwater world that I will be pursuing as the 2017 North American scholar.

What is the purpose of the the brand Nothing Unknown and its relationship to the Rolex Scholarship? Nothing Unknown is a media collective exploring our world on a quest to discover unknowns. Over time it will become a cohort of creators working together behind the @nudiscover brand to share stories about our humanity and our natural environment. With the mandate of embracing the truth and dissecting assumptions, the collective will focus on publishing a diverse array of non-fictional stories with roots from all corners of the world. Nothing Unknown gets comfortable with the uncomfortable while having fun along the way.  


GOALS and Mission

With the help of the Rolex Scholarship my mission is to raise awareness of our oceans by making significant progress towards achieving the following four goals:

1.       Promote the wonders of Our Water World by increasing readership of Nothing Unknown

Articles published at Nothing Unknown are organized into three categories and the category Our Water World, identified by the blue NU logo, showcases stories primarily related to water and life aquatic. Having a growing number of followers viewing publications leads to an increased awareness of events and issues in our oceans and to also help reverse the growing trend of false news stories by providing factually accurate content. The message becomes stronger, lasts longer, and reaches a broader audience as Nothing Unknown gains in popularity. 

2.      Establish a network of underwater ambassadors to help with contributing articles

Additional team members will help keep the readership growing and engaged with more diverse and frequent publications. The goal is to collaborate with other passionate leaders in the underwater community and to establish Nothing Unknown as a focal point for publications related to Our Water World. By working with the people on the front lines working hard to understand our oceans we can also help share their story and spread their message to a larger audience through Nothing Unknown. 

3.      Continue my scuba diving training with underwater media production skills

During the scholarship year I seek to gain experience required to safely dive in a diverse array of environments, as some of the most pristine shipwrecks in the world belong to the discipline of technical diving. I desire to continue my training with leading experts in underwater media production so that one day I am able to capture the beauty of the underwater world and share the journey with others. My goal is to fully immerse myself in the scholarship year experiences to improve upon these skills so that I can successfully contribute towards future underwater filming expeditions and to continue providing content for Nothing Unknown.

4.      Become financially self-sufficient with Nothing Unknown during the scholarship year

By structuring Nothing Unknown during the scholarship year to achieve financial independence it can continue to raise awareness of the underwater world after the scholarship fund is gone. Self-sufficiency will also help with long-term success and attainment of these goals. During the year a complete business plan will be drafted to help formalize the structure of Nothing Unknown, establish sources of revenue, and attract investor funding. This cash flow will help enrich my scholar experiences as well as maximize the use of the scholarship fund.

our water world

With 71% of Earth covered with water, Our Water World shares the stories of what lies below the surface the oceans, our relationship with it, and all things life aquatic.

Look for the blue NU logo for stories in the Our Water World category of the @nudiscover brand

Contributions to the Underwater World

Nothing Unknown helps to bridge and facilitates a flow of critical information from scientists and explorers to the general public who stand to benefit from understanding the realities of our world. There is countless unknowns within the depths of our oceans waiting patiently for us to discover and learn from this newfound knowledge. The continued development of Nothing Unknown will help realize both short and long term contributions towards promoting the underwater world in our society.

Immediately Nothing Unknown will work towards strengthening the underwater community by promoting the Rolex Scholarship among future potential applicants. It was by chance I discovered this scholarship. Having a stronger and more diverse applicant pool for future scholarships will promote those who have most potential to make important contributions to the underwater world to rise above the competition. This will be accomplished during the scholarship year by having a consistent and dedicated presence on social media.  In addition to promoting the scholarship Nothing Unknown is able to focus on immediately promoting stories that experts in the underwater community are urgently looking to share with a broader audience.

As Nothing Unknown continues to mature over the years long-lasting achievements helping to strengthen the underwater community can be realized. As readership and social media presence expands over time the @nudiscover brand will help educate and expand awareness of critical issues affecting our oceans, contributing to a more prominent conversation of our water world in society. Fostering a close relationship working alongside leading researchers can also help bring attention to their amazing work in discovering our intricately wonderful underwater world though sharing their stories.

Along with a growing readership, the underwater community stands to benefit as Nothing Unknown evolves into a prominent and recognizable brand name. Members of the media collective will leverage the strength and familiarity of the @nudiscover brand to promote their talents and advance their careers. Nothing Unknown will welcome and assist promising young artists by sharing their work within the collective for greater exposure and greater diversification of published content at Nothing Unknown. Promoting emerging talents into the collective network of underwater professionals also strengthens the entire community through continued collaborations and partnerships on future expeditions in exploring the unknowns of the oceans.

"There is countless extremely talented and motivated individuals who are dedicating their lives to preserving our oceans.  Nothing Unknown has the potential to strengthen this community with its entertaining and factual story-telling narrative, bridging the knowledge gap between experts and the broader society" 


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